Meet Hope Leone, freelance Interior Designer, baking enthusiast, and part of the amazing team at IDEAS Nottingham (one of our specialist 1909 retailers).

In this Journal entry, we’re handing over the blogging baton to Hope, who will be sharing her top tips and inspiration for styling her favourite 1909 range, Slab.



Styling the 1909 Slab door

“Elegant, sleek and sophisticated, this contemporary addition to the 1909 range oozes understated glamour, whilst still possessing all the charm of a classic 1909 kitchen.

“Thinking of choosing a Slab kitchen, but not sure how to style it to create the ultimate Pinterest worthy space? I’m sharing some of my personal styling picks to compliment your kitchen…”

1909 Kitchens


Decorative Accessories

The seamless styling and sharp lines of the Slab door lend itself to a simple yet beautiful interior scheme, using accents of marble, antique brass and luxe textures, such as velvet.

For a big style statement, your decorative starting point may be something as large as your worktop in the fabulous ‘Neolith Calacatta Silk’ by 1909. Or, to bring in similar elements on a much smaller scale, I love using unique coasters to give that something extra to a worksurface.

In terms of styling your dining table to compliment the Slab door, I’d choose brass cutlery and statement candlesticks, mixed with atmospheric artwork to effortlessly combine the two spaces for a chic flow.

1909 Kitchens

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Whether you choose to go real or fake, a pop of greenery in the form of plants can make a space feel fresh, brighter and give a subtle nod to the outdoors.

Try adding little pots of fresh herbs like basil and mint, in Slab’s signature open shelving units to add a touch of softness to the industrial style.

Large, tall pots of organic greenery dotted around your kitchen can also look stunning paired with the man-made precision of materials like brass.

Top tip: look out for pots with feet to add a little extra height to your space.

1909 Kitchens

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Choosing the furniture to accompany your kitchen is so important- you need it to be functional and work for you and your family, and it needs to seamlessly blend and compliment your beautiful new kitchen.

We recommend starting with one element, it might be a statement chair you’ve fallen in love with, or a dining table, and from this you can begin to establish your own interior style, making it easier to choose accompanying pieces in the future.

I personally love mixing up textiles and materials to create a unique space.

1909 Kitchens

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1909 Kitchens

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