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In-Frame Shaker | Porcelain Shaker Kitchen | Sage Kitchen

Kitchen cost: £25k - 35k i

Designed by:
Inline Kitchens Limited

Tel: 01977 602001

The brief

Our client was searching for a practical kitchen with efficient organisation, that was also perfect for entertaining and dining. A pantry was number one on their list of requirements, as this was to house small domestic appliances like the microwave and the toaster, to keep workspace free for everyday tasks and a sleek aesthetic. The Quooker boiling tap was also a must for the family, as this meant the worktops were also free of a kettle, and hot water was easily accessible when they had guests over. Not only did the space have a dining and living area, it also joined on to a games room with double doors, so we designed matching cabinetry so there was cohesive flow between the rooms. This cabinetry is used as a bar with an integrated wine cooler. It truly is the perfect family space for entertaining. In the main kitchen area, the customer wanted a bespoke mantle over the range. This created an issue with the coving, which was handmade when the house was built. To overcome this, we had a craftsman cast a matching mould, so the mantle looks part of the original house and reflects the unique character of the space. We love it!