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The best kitchens are those where there’s a place for everything. Our range of smart storage keeps everything within reach, ensuring not an inch of your space is wasted and that your surfaces are kept clutter-free. From pantries to cavernous pan drawers, a 1909 kitchen is just as beautiful on the inside.

A Clear View

A kitchen larder is one of the most coveted kitchen must-haves for good reason. It allows you to pull out the entire contents of your cupboard, giving you a clear view and easy access to everything packed inside; never again will you lose something at the back o double buy. Available in a range of sizes with adjustable shelving, we have a larder to suit every wish and want.

Are you guilty of having pots and pans that you haven’t seen for a while as they’re lost to the depths of an awkward corner cupboard? Our ingenious corner shelves glide the contents out to you, bringing everything in easy reach and fully maximising your kitchen's storage potential.

Ordered and out of sight

Every kitchen needs to dispose of waste and store recycling. So we believe it’s important that your kitchen can do so without compromising on style. Seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinet, our multi-compartment pull-out bins help to segregate and store waste and recycling neatly out of sight. They can also be used for laundry, as the perfect accompaniment to any utility room.

Close at Hand

Kitchen living is always most enjoyable when your essentials are close at hand. Whether it's oils and spices by the hob, or roasting dishes under your oven, our base pull-outs ensure that your everything is always neat, tidy and where you need it most. Available in a range of widths and sizes, there's a base pull-out for every space and storage requirement.

Statement Storage

Whether integrated, free-standing or walk-in; a kitchen pantry certainly makes a big design statement, whilst equally helping your kitchen function extremely efficiently. A kitchen pantry has many benefits, including being perfect for housing many items and becoming a hub for kitchen activity.

It can be your breakfast station and the home for your small appliances, as well as the storage area for baked goods, long-life dry goods or your growing gin collection. A kitchen pantry is perfect for keeping your main cooking area calm and clear or clutter, with the ability to hid anything being the classic or bi-folding doors once you're finished.

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