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Quarter Round | Partridge Grey & Porcelain Kitchen

Kitchen cost: £25k - 35k i

Designed by:
Heart of Your Home Kitchens Ltd

Tel: 01200 444540

The brief

The clients had set their heart on a 1909 kitchen and after visiting the Heart Of Your Home Kitchens’ showroom were confident they had found the right retailer to interpret their requirements and create their design. Moving from a flat in London, and expecting a baby, the couple were working to tight deadlines to ensure the job was completed fully before he arrived. They had a good idea of what they wanted , in terms of appliances, but were impressed with the designer’s proposals to incorporate smart storage solutions to not only make the kitchen easier and more practical to use but also to keep the worktops clutter free and streamlined. As well as incorporating a dedicated dining area they were also keen to have a breakfast bar, with seating, which they would use more as their child grew up. They wanted a classic feel to the kitchen, in keeping with their property and surrounding village, but with a modern colour palette that had a nod to city living. The blend of partridge grey and porcelain cabinetry, with crisp white worktops and chrome handles, achieve this perfectly. It’s a stunning transformation from the kitchen they inherited, going from dark and dated to light and airy.