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Sustainability Policy


We are committed to continual improvement in environmental and social sustainability, ensuring that we understand and address the needs of our stakeholders.


To accomplish this, we endeavour to:

◦ Develop & implement a sustainability strategy to achieve our mission

◦ Develop & implement policies and practices that promote environmental accountability and social responsibility

◦ Establish meaningful targets including carbon emissions reduction

◦ Work with our supply chain, customers, and other stakeholders to pursue, promote and provide leadership in sustainable development

◦ Report externally on sustainability performance and achievements


To accomplish this, we endeavour to:

◦ Display and provide this policy to all employees, contractors, customers, and other stakeholders

◦ Review our sustainability strategies, policies, and performance on a regular basis

◦ Make resources available for sustainability improvements and engagement with internal stakeholders and communications to external stakeholders

◦ Communicate sustainability performance internally and externally

In Our Operations

◦ Use resources efficiently to minimise energy use, water, waste, and travel and support innovative solutions to resource management

◦ Implement the principles of sustainable procurement of goods and services

With Our Employees

◦ Provide ongoing training and communication for all staff on sustainability issues relevant to the business

◦ Support and encourage our employees to volunteer with the local community

With Our Stakeholders

◦ Support the promotion of sustainability leadership across our industry and beyond

◦ Partner with organisations that practice sustainability and encourage knowledge exchange

◦ Support community and charity projects that achieve sustainability goals

Corporate Governance

◦ Comply with all current and future legislation

◦ Avoid any interest or activity that conflicts with the conduct of our official duties

◦ Demonstrate the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency in all our activities

◦ Operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and future employees

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