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The 1909 Sideboard - a beautiful stand-alone storage piece

Introducing the 1909 Sideboard - a beautiful stand-alone storage feature

Traditionally a feature designed to hold all of the essentials for dressing a dining table, the statement sideboard has become so much more in our homes in recent years.

In this Journal post, let us introduce you to the 1909 Sideboard unit- a refined, perfectly crafted stand-alone feature, combining style and practicality to make a beautiful statement in any home.

What is the purpose of a sideboard?

Defined in the Collins English Dictionary as “a piece of dining-room furniture having compartments and shelves for holding articles of table service,” a sideboard has long been considered a feature that functions solely for storing dining table essentials. However, in recent years, the sideboard has become much more than that in homes across the UK, featuring in entrance halls, living spaces, kitchens and dining rooms, and functioning not only as an effective storage solution, but also as a decorative statement.

Now, adorned with lamps, art, crockery or other treasured possessions, and often complemented by striking mirrors or family photos hung on the wall, the sideboard is a desirable aesthetic feature that stands proud in any home. Available in both contemporary and traditional styles, the sideboard can be truly tailored to suit any space and storage requirements, with unique arrangements of drawers, cupboards and shelving.

Why should you choose a sideboard?

With doors expertly crafted from solid timber, a 1909 sideboard boasts durability and stands as a decorative statement in its own right. As a versatile piece of furniture, a sideboard balances functionality and style to provide ample, tailored storage in any chosen room, whilst creating a beautiful aesthetic statement. Whether you need to tidy away crockery and cutlery in your dining room/ kitchen, board games and crafts in a living room, or shoes and outdoor gear in an entrance hall, a sideboard enables you to organise your everyday household items neatly away behind elegant timber doors, or within traditional dovetail drawers that are designed to stand the test of time.

Featuring a flat worksurface top (which can be chosen in a material and colour to complement your interiors), a sideboard is also a place to display your favourite items and decorative pieces to help bring personality to your space. Functioning like open shelving, this worksurface can be purposely designed to create a stylised look, with carefully selected art, lamps and ornamental pieces. Alternatively, it can be used as a workspace, offering a place to present food to guests, to display drinks to create a home bar, or to hold letters and keys in a hallway.

Tailoring your sideboard

Available in our full suite of 35 unique painted colours, from warming neutrals and muted greys, to forest greens and inky blues, the Sideboard Unit can be truly tailored to reflect your individual style and the character of your home. For an adventurous or playful look, a sideboard can be used to bring a bold pop of colour to a neutral room, or it can be painted in a complementary shade that works in harmony with your current colour scheme.

Your sideboard can also be paired with any of our 1909 Worksurfaces and any of the handles in our 1909 Handle Collection, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of finishes and materials, to create a specific look that’s perfect for your space and the aesthetic you’d like to achieve.

Shown above in our regal Regents Green and paired with a striking Strata Quartz Pietra Verde worksurface with green accents, this design displays how square feature posts can be used to lift the sideboard away from the floor for an endearing, free-standing look which gives the impression of increased space. Alternatively, our Georgian Red sideboard design demonstrates how you can include a classic moulded plinth, which runs along the base of the unit to allow it to sit flush to the floor. Although small, this extra detail can transform the overall look of the feature to encompass a more traditional, homely look.

Where would you place a sideboard in your home, and how would you tailor it? Discuss your ideas and begin your planning process with one of our specialist 1909 kitchen retailers across the UK:

Want to explore more of what 1909 has to offer? Check out our fully styled kitchen sets and explore our door offering further on the 1909 website or via our brochure (available to download via website).

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