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What Is An In-Frame Kitchen?

What Is An In-Frame Kitchen?

The in-frame kitchen is a kitchen type that is mentioned a lot.

With a timeless style and popularity that never wavers, the in-frame kitchen has been a firm favourite for years, but if you are looking for your dream kitchen and aren't quite sure what the term means, we've put together the following blog to explain it all.

What Is An In-Frame Kitchen?

In-frame kitchens are a form of kitchen design where the cabinet door or drawer sits within a frame. This frame is then attached to the carcass of the kitchen, to strengthen the cabinet and add extra visual detail and appeal.

An in-frame kitchen is an age-old method of construction that uses traditional, quality carpentry techniques.

Where Does The In-Frame Kitchen Come From?

Kitchen cabinet furniture has been constructed using the in-frame technique for centuries.

In recent years, with a longing for longevity in both style and quality, in-frame kitchens have become prominent in kitchen design trends.

What Are The Benefits Of An In-Frame Design?

If you are wondering why in-frame kitchens have been so popular for so long, the simple truth is their well-made construction and the fact that they simply look great!

In-frame kitchens are durable, with a design that strengthens the kitchen carcass, resulting in a kitchen unit that is sturdy and will last you for years to come.

Practicality is important and so is the look of your kitchen. If you are looking to purchase a new kitchen, you want to be sure that your space will look elegant and neat for years to come. Embracing traditional styles and signature features, in-frame kitchens are truly timeless. As a result, making in-frame kitchens an attractive option for those looking to invest in a well-made and beautiful kitchen.

Attention to detail is also an important factor when it comes to kitchen carpentry. In-frame kitchen cupboard doors are made to fit the frame perfectly, making your kitchen cupboards a design feature in their own right.

How Is An In-Frame Kitchen Different To A Shaker Kitchen?

Fitted kitchens have become increasingly popular over the years and whilst technology has improved, manufacturers have chosen to produce kitchens with 'lay-on' doors. These 'lay-on' doors are composed of a simple box and a flat piece of timber for the door - this is how a shaker kitchen is still constructed.

In-frame kitchens are constructed differently, and yet whilst these kitchens still have a shaker-like design, it can be difficult to make out the difference between the two.

Shaker doors will have a raised frame that sits on top of the cupboard door, whereas the in-frame cupboard is fully surrounded by a frame. The full border frame demonstrates an added depth of quality and design flair, creating an overall beautiful cabinet for your kitchen.

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