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Designing the perfect boot room

Designing the perfect boot room

An adjoining boot room is the perfect way to continue your 1909 design through to another area of the home, creating a space that’s an equal balance of beauty and practicality, with a nod to traditional style.

Whether you’re longing for extra space to store your coats and shoes, a beautiful room to welcome guests to your home, or a multi-functional utility, in this Journal post we will be exploring how to design the perfect 1909 feature boot room to complement your space and lifestyle.

The benefits of a boot room

There was a time when a country home and a boot room came hand-in-hand, but now the boot room is a highly-desired feature that can be designed to suit any style of home and lifestyle. Traditionally a room to transition from outdoors to indoors, the boot room has become a multi-functional space that can be used as an entrance hall, a utility and as a place for practical storage, all whilst making a timeless design statement.

A boot room can provide ideal storage for outdoor attire, can include a seating area for removing muddy shoes so dirt isn’t brought into main living spaces, and can function as a utility when designed with handy cupboards and shelves for extra storage. And, although once traditionally situated at the back of a home, current interior trends have seen the introduction of the boot room as an entrance hall at the front of the home- as something so beautiful deserves to be seen.

Designing your boot room: the features


A boot room bench is the feature you don’t realise you need until you own one- then, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Gone will be the days of balancing on one leg as you try to force on a wellington, as a bench offers your family and guests the perfect place to perch when pulling on, or taking off shoes.

Shoe storage

Naturally, as a place to put on your shoes, footwear storage should be kept at the forefront of your mind when designing your boot room. Beneath your bench there is the opportunity to integrate tailored storage in the form of open shelving, offering the ideal location to tuck away shoes for quick and easy access, whilst keeping them neat and tidy. However, you also need to consider the different shoes you plan to store, as boots may require taller storage, like a side open shelving unit which is perfect for sliding in tall styles.

Coat hooks

Home is where you hang your hat, so they say, so another must-have for your boot room design is a selection of hooks to hang your hat, coats and even umbrella. This will give you an organised space to store and access your outdoor clothing efficiently, and means you can get rid of that pesky coat stand that’s been taking up valuable floor space.

A laundry cabinet/utility storage

A boot room is the perfect place to feature a laundry cabinet to store away household items, such as your ironing board and iron, that don’t neccesarily have another dedicated place in the home. The tall-door design allows the unit to maximise space in even the smallest of rooms, with a selection of different sized shelves for abundance of storage possibilities.

If you are blessed with space, a boot room would also sit perfectly alongside practical utility units, with an integrated sink and a place to house your washing machine/tumble dryer. This would create the ideal base for household cleaning products and laundry items, allowing you to keep it separate from the kitchen area, and giving you an alternative place to wash down muddy footwear.

Overheard storage

Overhead storage, whether in the form of open shelving, handy cupboards, or both, is a great way to utilise the space you have to maximise storage opportunities. Open shelving can be used to bring personality to your boot room by displaying a selection of treasured possessions, or they can be perfect for holding baskets and boxes to tuck away shoe polish and other useful items.

Cupboards are ideal for hiding away any items you don’t want on display, such as seasonal attire or the family picnic blanket, helping you to minimise clutter.

Have we inspired you to consider a boot room as part of your upcoming home renovation? Have we helped you to form a better idea of what you’re searching for? Discuss your ideas further and begin your planning process with one of our specialist 1909 kitchen retailers across the UK:

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