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Introducing the 1909 Gin Cabinet - the perfect home bar

Introducing the 1909 Gin Cabinet - the perfect home bar

As the promise of hosting guests in our homes once again lingers on the horizon, we’re looking forward to welcoming back the sound of clinking glasses and shared laughter between friends.

In this Journal post, let us introduce you to The 1909 gin cabinet, an elegantly crafted free-standing feature, that makes storage beautiful and would create a head-turning statement in any kitchen or open-place living space.

For a nation of gin lovers

During the ample time most of us have spent at home over the past year, the blurred lines between kitchen and living spaces have become more apparent than ever, with the family gathering to dine, prepare food, be creative, teach, work and relax, all in one place. This has made us examine the functionality of our spaces through new eyes and has seen an increased demand in free-standing, homely pieces of furniture, such as pantries, dressers and drinks cabinets, to tie open-plan living and kitchen areas together seamlessly.

Besides a deeper appreciation for our loved ones and the homes we’ve been blessed with, lockdown has also made one other thing abundantly clear; that we’re an undeniable nation of gin lovers. Thanks to the many ‘nights in’ that the last year has brought us, the latest market report from the Wine and Spirits Trade Association has shown that over ten million extra bottles of gin were bought from UK retailers during 2020, compared to the same period in 2019.

So, with the long-awaited return of welcoming and hosting guests in our homes within reaching distance, we see no better time to introduce you to The 1909 Gin Cabinet* – our exquisitely crafted, free-standing feature cabinet- a statement piece of furniture that will bring an element of luxury to any night in, and the perfect place for you to store those treasured bottles of gin!

*Disclaimer, the gin cabinet does not discriminate against other alcoholic, or even non-alcoholic beverages of choice and despite its name, can be used to store an array of drinks…

Designing the perfect home bar

With beautiful attention to detail, our Gin Cabinet would make a stunning accompaniment to your 1909 Kitchen and bring luxury to every night in- but what is it that makes this feature so special?

We’re exploring the carefully curated elements that come together practically and aesthetically to make The 1909 Gin Cabinet the perfect home bar.

It’s not just beautiful on the inside

As the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but in the case of our Gin Cabinet, we’d have to argue that what’s on the outside is pretty special too.

Featuring our brand-new three panel door as part of our in-frame Shaker and Ovolo ranges, the cabinet design gives a nod to heritage style and demands the attention of the room with it’s traditional sophistication.

Displayed here in our soft Dry Rose shade to bring a playful edge to the statement piece, our cabinet is also available in a choice of 35 exquisite colours from our painted palette, so you can choose to match it to your 1909 kitchen for a seamless flow, or opt for a complementary colour to create a two-tone look and emphasise the free-standing nature of the cabinet.

Tailored storage

Storage is key when crafting the perfect home bar, and behind the doors of our 1909 Gin Cabinet is a treasure trove of tailored storage, offering you a special place for each and every one of your gin bar essentials.

The star of the show is arguably the statement Cross Bottle Holders at the top of the cabinet with a matching open-shelf below, offering an abundance of storage space for your bottles and glasses whilst creating a striking design statement that will wow guests.

To accompany this, a beautiful shelf is also integrated into the cabinet’s worksurface space, to give your favourite tipples a pedestal to be displayed with pride.

If this wasn’t enough, extra open-shelving below and integrated door storage opens up ideal spaces to display your mixers and garnishes, whilst drawers offer the perfect place to hideaway any clutter you don’t want taking up precious workspace.


To truly get that head-turning look, our gin cabinet features warm LED lighting to illuminate your bar for a welcoming glow. Not only does this help aesthetically to create a stunning overall look, lighting also helps to brighten your workspace so you can mix and pour your drinks with ease.

We’ve also incorporated a mirrored-back into our cabinet which works beautifully with the lights to add an extra dimension and element of luxury to the design.

Added workspace

The perfect home bar doesn’t solely store your bottles, it also presents you with the space to mix and garnish your drinks, whilst functioning as a social hub. Our gin cabinet features workspace that can be used as an extension to your kitchen surfaces, with an extra integrated chopping board, ideal for cutting fruit wedges, and an integrated tray for carrying your guests’ drinks.

And, as an added bonus, if you’re too tired or don’t have time whilst entertaining to tidy up, you can simply close the doors and hide away any clutter until the morning after!

Have we inspired you to consider a drinks cabinet as part of your upcoming home renovation? Have we helped you to form a better idea of what you’re searching for? Discuss your ideas further and begin your planning process with one of our specialist 1909 kitchen retailers across the UK:

Want to explore more of our 1909 Features- a range of versatile design options that can be tailored to your individual tastes, needs and space? Read more in our Journal post.

Check out our fully styled kitchen sets and explore our door offering further on the 1909 website or via our brochure (available to download via website).

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