Whether in a traditional or Butler design, the pantry is a trend that’s dominating social media- and homes across the UK.

In this Journal entry, we’ll be exploring the benefits of the pantry to help you decide whether it’s just the thing your heart of the home is missing…




Firstly, what is a pantry and what are the different options available?

The humble pantry is a cupboard with a difference- creating a style statement whilst holding an abundance of practical value. A pantry serves as a place to store food products and appliances, from jars of pasta and bottled sauces, to an integrated coffee machine. The design usually includes a combination of shelving, drawers and/or door racks to offer a variety of storage solutions, and can be tailored to a person’s available kitchen space and shape.

‘Pantry’ is believed to have originated from the French word ‘pan,’ meaning bread, as the large cupboard was originally used as a cool, dark place to store perishable foods. Now, thanks to the ‘Downton Abbey’ effect, the pantry has once again become a desirable kitchen feature, as people strive to have an authentic, traditional kitchen that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, as the heart of their homes.

If you are considering a pantry for your kitchen, there are two styles to choose between: The tradition pantry and the butler’s pantry.






The traditional pantry

A traditional pantry is designed with kitchen cabinetry and can either be integrated into the kitchen units or free-standing. They use classic kitchen doors or bi-folding doors to store kitchen items away and can include a selection of shelving styles to tailor organisation to the kitchen owner.





Pantry taken from a 1909 Real Kitchen by Elliot’s Living Spaces




The butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry, traditionally a small room between the kitchen and dining area, is now a separate, walk-in space/utility room that leads off from your kitchen and functions as a storage area. There are many storage possibilities with a butler’s pantry, with many utilising floor-to-ceiling shelving, some including extra work-space and some even housing the fridge freezer.







Georgian walk-in-pantry from 1909 Kitchens 


What are the benefits of having a pantry?


1. They create a statement












Pantry from the 1909 Ovolo range

Whether free-standing, integrated or butler style, a pantry makes an eye-catching style statement in your kitchen, especially when paired with beautiful finishing touches, such as handles or lighting.

Add to the aesthetics of your pantry by styling any open shelving in a thoughtful way, or create symmetry with your appliances. Check out our guide to styling open shelving for ideas on how to use your storage as a design feature.


2. Hide away unwanted clutter




With bi-folding or traditional cabinet doors your pantry can be a great place to hide away any unwanted kitchen clutter, from foodstuff, to electrical appliances. If your pantry has work-space, you can even use this space to hide away evidence of food preparation whilst guests are over- especially so if you have a butler’s pantry.






1909 Pantry from Concept Kitchens 


3. Extra work space and storage combined 













Pantry from 1909 Kitchens By Abbeywood Durham showroom

With cupboard and/or drawer space below, a work surface, and various shelving opportunities, a pantry is the ultimate practical kitchen feature. As shown above, a pantry is the perfect place to make your morning coffee if you use it to store your coffee machine and mugs, or it could be the perfect place for baking, with storage for all of your ingredients and a place to display your recipe books. With so much storage and many different shelving combinations available, a pantry can be tailored to suit an individual’s tastes and lifestyle.


4. Host appliances










1909 Pantry by Fearon Bros

A pantry is the perfect place to store kitchen appliances to free up work space in the rest of your kitchen. Toasters, microwaves and coffee machines can all easily be given a designated place when your pantry is designed, whether on shelving or on a hidden work surface, helping to keep your main surfaces clutter free for food preparation or entertaining. However, if you’re planning to give an appliance a permanent home in your pantry, make sure to plan in an electrical socket.


5. Utilise door space












Georgian traditional pantry from 1909 Kitchens 

A traditional pantry with folding doors allows for door shelving and storage racks to be used to utilise all possible space. These are great for storing sauce bottles, herbs and spices and tea/coffee, and are perfect for grouping items together. They also allow everything to be close to hand when you’re cooking.


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